Userscdn Rewards Program

  • You can use our free file hosting service to genearte massive income. All you have to do is to register on our site, upload files and share with others. When others view your files, your account will start generating money automaticaly.
  • Userscdn PPD program is the simplest program that allow you to earn every time your files are downloaded.
  • Userscdn pays up to $50Per10000 downloads depend on downloader location.
  • Userscdn counts downloads from all countries around the world with the highest rates.
  • Userscdn counts downloads from file size 5 Mb only.
  • We are checking all downloads before sending the payments.
  • minimum payout of $7.00
  • We are checking all downloads before sending the payments.
  • Don't try to buy or download from self or use any proxies, we will not count that (Our system smart enough to detect such fraud).
  • Most of payments don't take more than 72 hours only!
  • Incomplete downloads are counted

  • Multiple downloads from same IP are counted GROUP (D) and GROUP (C).

Size/Group Group A Group B Group C Group D
5 Mb - 2000MB+ $50 $30 $15 $5
Group Countries United States, Canada Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Australia, United Kingdom Austria, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan All Other countries ..

Pay Per Download-PPD Plan A

Incomplete downloads are counted